Need a Little Time

Sometimes, the strangest things can happen, right on your doorstep.

When you find out your best friend and business partner is secretly sleeping with your wife, it may be time to move on… From your job and your marriage... Which is precisely what happened to Jamie Newgent.

A change of lifestyle is what’s needed, and a bachelor pad on the fourth floor of a jutting tower provides a new home, a fresh start, and a new chapter in his life.

Little does he know of the weird and wonderful journey he’s about to take, or the effects a temporal rift has on the building plumbing and his troublesome toaster.

He’s living in the middle of an anomaly sandwich, with a retro woman upstairs, and a feisty hippy downstairs. But will either of them become anything more than friends?

And, If it came down to it, would he be able to make the ultimate sacrifice to save a life:

Could he go back to an era before the Internet and Smartphones?

Who Needs Love, Anyway?


Danny Watts has given up on ever finding love.


Twice divorced, single dad of two kids, he’s doing his best. Juggling time between work, school runs and keeping the kids alive and entertained.

Midlife crisis? Maybe more of a midriff crisis. Still, the dad-bod is in these days, isn’t it?

He needs a girlfriend. But even though he’s always surrounded by women, he can’t seem to escape from the sucking black-hole of the dreaded friend-zone.


Going from one hysterically disastrous date to another, none of them doing his ego any good, he reluctantly concedes to a life devoid of love and relationships.


Then a call for help changes everything. Could this feisty damsel-in-distress be his dream woman? She seems to have it all; beauty, intelligence, sense-of-humour. Could she be the one to melt his cold, blackened heart? Even if she did, would she stick around?


Who Needs Love, Anyway? Is a hilarious, cynical, slice-of-life of a normal guy just trying to settle down with the woman of his dreams. Is that so much to ask?


Will Danny bet his future on the toss of a coin? Will any woman stay with him long enough for love to blossom?

The Twin Flame Game

Of the seven billion humans on this planet, one of them is your twin flame: that one person you are destined to feel connected to, on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level… It’s quite beautiful when you consider it, or maybe that’s just the whisky talking?

Keith Myatt has been living the dream - born into money, women all over the world, cruising through his family owned hotels, pretending to work, travelling the world, you name it, he’s done it.

But the dream has soured and he’s just about ready to settle down and find his one true love. Only problem? You know all that romance stuff? Impress a girl, have great sex, live happily ever after. Not as easy as it sounds.

However, all is not lost. There’s an entire sub-culture of people dedicated to the idea of a ‘twin flame’. One soul split in two. Complete only when they’re together. It sounds crazy, but could they actually be onto something? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have such a deep connection with the love of your life?

There’s a moment of clarity - Keith’s other half is out there... somewhere.

Suddenly, Keith’s a determined man with a new direction. Intent on finding his soul mate, he sets off across America and Europe in a funny, if not unconventional attempt at locating The One.

A cynically humorous and heart-warming take on love, self improvement, and whether or not The One is always the one we think she is.


Time, for a change

Terry’s dead-end IT job is about as much fun as an internal cavity search with a shovel and no lube.

Chances of promotion? None. Chances of a raise? Not happening. Chances of romance? Nada.

It’s time for a change, but how do you find one when your future is as dismal as the winter in rural mid-west Ireland?

But, to Terry’s incomprehension, a reluctant work trip to Ohio changes everything. 

Enter stage left a gorgeous young girl who inexplicably finds him interesting. Toss in a mysterious wooden box he finds hidden in his late father’s workshop and the dull monotony of Terry’s life is broken.

But will it stay that way? What is in the wooden box? Can love conquer all - even the terrible tedium of a dead end job?

This is for all the office workers, all the cynics, all the souls who look into their future with nothing but dread.

A feel-good tale about life changes, romance, and hope - even in the midst of an IT department.

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