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Featured on Frolic (editorial)

"Really enjoyed this book, love a bit of time travel. If you want some easy/fun reading with several laugh out loud parts then I would recommend you buy this."

"I loved this book for the characters and the pace. the story line and plot are both excellent. The back story is amazing. Another great book from Mr Eccles"

"I've read so many time-travel books and most are a bit formulaic so it was refreshing to read something a bit different, particularly as the protagonist (Jamie) only travelled back in time three decades, to a period I can still just about remember."

"This should be made into a film, it has all of the ingredients for great a ROMCOM"

"I won't make any bones about it, sit on my hands or keep my peace. Nope. Once I am done mixing my metaphors I will say quite simply and clearly that I bloody loved this book!"


"The book itself has an assured, confident tone that to be quite honest most mainstream authors don't seem to be able to mage these days - Adam is certainly an author to watch."

“If you're a fan of Nick Spalding's work, I can heartily recommend you give this book a go because it shares many of the qualities which made Spalding's books so enjoyable (and popular).”


“I honestly did laugh out loud ... many, many times, as it goes.”


“I devoured it in three days - the previous four books I read spanned many months; a testament to how much I enjoyed Adam Eccles' latest novel.”


“It was so, so good. And loved the call outs to the last book. You’re three for three so far with me.”


“It's written without any pretence of being a fluffy rom-com (I think Amazon has more than enough of those). Although I'm sure it would appeal to female readers, it's quite clearly written with a male audience in mind.”


“It’s a really cracking book - thoroughly enjoyed it.”


“It's refreshing to read a book which considers the world from the perspective of a struggling a single-dad - there aren't enough books of this ilk and this one does a brilliant job of marrying humour with the real (and sometimes poignant) struggles that come with raising kids in the twenty-first century.”


“So, if you're in the market for a genuinely funny, slightly cynical view of modern-day dating, from the perspective of a struggling single-dad, this is a must-read. You'll love it, I'm sure.”

"What I wasn't expecting, however, was the ending. I don't mean there was some ridiculous plot twist or cliffhanger; more than it left me with the kind of warm glow you usually only get after watching a Richard Curtis movie. My wife is now reading The Twin Flame Game on my recommendation - a dozen chapters in, and she's loving it too. So whilst I'd say it errs towards lad-lit (the humour is brilliantly cynical), it definitely has shades of chic-lit to it as well."

“It moves along at a cracking pace and is a great balance of dark (but not too dark) and light - a few moments did make me laugh out loud. I’m now eagerly awaiting the sequel” 

“If there was a second book available at the time of writing this review, I'd have already purchased it. The author has actually found a rare balance of humour, poignancy, and intrigue which entices you to keep turning the pages. The characterisation is superb and I felt genuine empathy with Terry (the protagonist) early on. He is such a relatable character and I think we all know a Terry. Either that, or we are a Terry!”

“A great debut from this author. I laughed out loud several times whilst reading this book. The characterisation of the protagonist is believable and the author must work in the IT industry to know the types who work there. Highly recommended if you want a light and enjoyable read. I'm hoping the author writes a sequel.”

“It had me page turning from the very beginning. Terry is like the male version of myself!!! The book made me laugh and it made me cry. Although I’m not an IT person I enjoyed the tech talk! Desperate for the sequel now!!!”

“I really liked this book. It's a convincing tale of a man stuck in his own private hell and finding his way out of it, or at least it seemed that way to me.

There's some odd bits about it, but they're good bits.”

“I loved this book. A real page turner. The characters are believable and relatable and it’s full of what I call ‘intelligent humour’!! Would definitely recommend.”

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