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Need a Little Time

Sometimes, the strangest things can happen, right on your doorstep.


When you find out your best friend and business partner is secretly sleeping with your wife, it may be time to move on… From your job and your marriage... Which is precisely what happened to Jamie Newgent.


A change of lifestyle is what’s needed, and a bachelor pad on the fourth floor of a jutting tower provides a new home, a fresh start, and a new chapter in his life.


Little does he know of the weird and wonderful journey he’s about to take, or the effects a temporal rift has on the building plumbing and his troublesome toaster.


He’s living in the middle of an anomaly sandwich, with a retro woman upstairs, and a feisty hippy downstairs. But will either of them become anything more than friends?


And, If it came down to it, would he be able to make the ultimate sacrifice to save a life:

Could he go back to an era before the Internet and smartphones?

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